The Liberals are more interested in political wedges than sound policy

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  • Your article is an excellent summary of the actions of this incompetent government. May I add a further opinion.

    Of course, we as a nation should live more frugally; we should be reducing our energy footprint and the demands that we are making on our planet, although in the big picture of an over-populated planet, our Canadian problems undoubtedly make only a small contribution.

    I believe that the Federal Government’s carbon tax is simply an attempt to “look good” here and abroad; it’s just smoke and mirrors. BC has long had a tax on fuel, yet I don’t believe that the level of traffic there has not declined as a result. There was a Dutch study which suggested that consumption taxes did not change people’s behaviour.

    A major problem with the current carbon tax is that it is a significant contributor to our current round of inflation here in Atlantic Canada.

    Most of what we eat and use comes by train or truck and the inflated cost of these is not offset by “refunds to low-income people.”

    If the tax has in some way reduced our energy consumption, it has more than been offset by the Government’s mishandling of immigration. Each extra person contributes to our energy use (food, shelter, activities), but also because all living creatures process their food to live, but this process also gives out heat, so each extra person adds to global warming just by living. I am not against immigration, but our recent levels are unsustainable and are also part of the housing crisis.

    All of this derives from Government incompetence. So while I see the problems, I can offer no politically viable solutions. I can only hope that the generations of our children and grandchildren will have more wisdom — likely they will have no choice if they are to survive.

    Stuart Grossert | June 18, 2024 | Reply