Justin, the byelection disaster is about you

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  • When Justin Trudeau was first elected I questioned how someone who had never chaired a board meeting could now manage a $100B+ economy, and deal with the multitude of issues from health and welfare to foreign affairs that are on the daily federal agenda.

    Well we have our answer. He was not able. He could not deliver. On anything.

    Worse of all he surrounded himself with refugees from Liberal Ontario (Wynn Gov) who mastered wedge politics designed to contrast and divide while preserving 35% in the polls. Canadians have had enough incompetence and enough virtue signalling (from a three-time ethics maligner).

    Let’s hope PP surrounds himself with an experienced, competent team.

    Thanks for the article.

    Mike Gushue | July 1, 2024 | Reply

  • Mr. Black: It’s a shame this Prime Minister never did grow into the job.

    Kevin MacDoanld | June 30, 2024 | Reply

  • Hi Bill: Could not agree more, the Liberals have to go. However, where is Mr. Poilievre on the capital gains tax?

    Ron Gregor | June 28, 2024 | Reply

  • Spot on as usual Bill.

    Mr. Trudeau says he feels Canadian’s pain.

    Yet he and his entourage spent $190,000 on airline food on a junket to the Indo-Pacific region last fall.


    Michael D. Casey | June 28, 2024 | Reply