Posted June 14, 2024

The Liberals are more interested in political wedges than sound policy

Prime Minister Trudeau’s promised doubling of the number of homes to be built during the next five years will not happen. The political operatives in the Prime Minister’s Office see it as a way to harass the Conservatives.

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On April 20, The Globe and Mail reported that the Liberals had set an internal goal of narrowing the Conservative’s 15% lead by five points every six months. It is going badly. Read More »

Advertisements for cars and trucks are mostly similar. The pictures show happy owners and their vehicles having a good time in an attractive location, with the voiceover proclaiming some sort of discount (“six thousand dollars off!”) without ever revealing the actual discounted price. Read More »

Prime Minister Trudeau has been busy announcing ideas that will appear in the Federal Budget to be tabled on April 16th. He will not leave much of the fun stuff for Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland.

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The Liberals have made a mess of our immigration system. The out-of-control result has exacerbated pressures on housing, health, and other services.

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