How Can Voters Make Sense of the Platforms?

Politicians love nothing more than making spending announcements. None of the provincial party leaders can maintain the frenetic pace of Prime Minister Trudeau but they are all giving it a try.
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Halifax’s Green Plan Must Fit Into The Bigger Picture

When municipalities begin to shrink it is very difficult to manage budgets. Tax revenue begins to dwindle but the same amount of infrastructure needs to be maintained. When there is a glut of housing prices go down and, eventually, so do assessments. Staffing levels are not easily reduced.
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Beware of Governments Announcing Bold Expensive Projects

Have you had a good look at your electricity bill lately? Some of the power you are paying, for now, will not be received for 35 years.
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Let The Owls Head Proponents Make Their Case

The 2017 mandate letter from then Premier Stephen McNeil to then Environment Minister Iain Rankin is the most up-to-date version as of March 19th. It instructed him to consider both the economy and the environment in exercising his responsibilities:

“I ask that the department continue to support a business environment which is conducive to innovation and economic development, striking the right balance, ensuring that effective regulation protects the interests of Nova Scotians while enhancing our provincial prosperity.”
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Trudeau Is Better At Campaigning Than Governing

Opinion polls show the Conservatives and Liberals in a tight race. The safe bet is that we will have another minority government. After narrowly trailing Erin O’Toole two weeks ago, Justin Trudeau is now a nudge ahead, all well within the margin for polling error.
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Houston’s Prospects In The Next Election Will Depend On Health Care Leadership

The seeds of the Liberal defeat in the Nova Scotia election were planted eight years ago.
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The Housing Strategy Will Need More Than Two Years To Work

Premier Houston’s housing program is both broad and deep. It even earned some congratulations from the opposition leaders.
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Can The Government And The Teachers Union Get Along?

In 2015, the Liberal government issued an ambitious plan for improving our schools. Of particular importance were the recommendations for changes to be negotiated with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU). There have been many bends in the road since then.
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The Teachers’ Plan Deficit Needs to be Addressed

The government and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union are doing a disservice to taxpayers and today’s teachers, who are paying for the inadequacy of past contributions by and for the teachers that retired long ago.

In contrast, the public-sector pension plans for civil service and health care workers are well-funded and can be expected to keep their promises to pensioners over the long term.

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The Province’s Intrusion Into Municipal Planning Is Risky

Nova Scotia’s population continues to grow by 10,000 people and more per year. Both Halifax Regional Municipality and the provincial government proclaim themselves to be enthusiastic supporters but they risk getting in each other’s way.
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Transit Choices

A study of the possibilities for commuter rail is underway. It looks expensive. That is not the only option that should be considered. Read More »