The Liberals are more interested in political wedges than sound policy

Prime Minister Trudeau’s promised doubling of the number of homes to be built during the next five years will not happen. The political operatives in the Prime Minister’s Office see it as a way to harass the Conservatives.

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Political Meddling With Electricity Rates Is Counterproductive

Premier Houston’s intervention on power rates is making a difficult situation worse. Here is why.

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Beware of Governments Announcing Bold Expensive Projects

Have you had a good look at your electricity bill lately? Some of the power you are paying, for now, will not be received for 35 years.
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When Will Our Politicians Be Honest About The Economics Of The Yarmouth Ferry?

The province wants an informed report on the economic benefits of the Yarmouth Ferry. CBC reports that 16 bids have been submitted to do the work. Your columnist is not one of them, but is puzzled that the matter needs such ponderous analysis. History provides a clear answer.

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It is not a fun time to be a Liberal MP

On April 20, The Globe and Mail reported that the Liberals had set an internal goal of narrowing the Conservative’s 15% lead by five points every six months. It is going badly. Read More »

Private Facilities Can Help The Publicly Funded System

Nova Scotia has a single payer health care system. This space completely supports the principal that the best care in that system should go to the sickest people, not the wealthiest. It should not be possible to buy your way to the front of the line. Read More »

The Liberals are pointed in the right direction but proceeding much too slowly

The Liberals have made a mess of our immigration system. The out-of-control result has exacerbated pressures on housing, health, and other services.

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Let’s Hope That School Support Workers Are Back To Work On Monday

Should employees doing the same work be paid the same amount regardless of where they live in Nova Scotia? The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has been in the awkward position of taking both sides of the argument.

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The Teachers’ Plan Deficit Needs to be Addressed

The government and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union are doing a disservice to taxpayers and today’s teachers, who are paying for the inadequacy of past contributions by and for the teachers that retired long ago.

In contrast, the public-sector pension plans for civil service and health care workers are well-funded and can be expected to keep their promises to pensioners over the long term.

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The Municipality’s Inclusionary Zoning Proposal Does Great Harm And Little Good

When we hear governments talking about “affordable housing” the inference is that it is to help those who are homeless or struggling to pay their rent. A successful example is the federal Rapid Housing Initiative, which funds projects “for those in need of deeply affordable housing.” Read More »