The Rent Control Announcement Was A Diversion, and Bad Policy

Politicians sometimes use diversionary tactics when they have to make awkward revelations. This has happened frequently for the Trudeau Liberals.
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The Long Term Plan For Nova Scotia’s Electricity Needs

Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) has recently released its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) outlining the expected requirements for power over the next 25 years and its proposals for responding to them.
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Beware of Governments Announcing Bold Expensive Projects

Have you had a good look at your electricity bill lately? Some of the power you are paying, for now, will not be received for 35 years.
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First Nations Fishing Rights Are Best Realized Through Cooperation, Not Conflict

The Bear River First Nation together with the Annapolis Valley and Acadia bands occupy the Kespu’kwitk district. They assume and exercise resource stewardship responsibilities over their part of southwest Nova Scotia. They are paying a price for being reasonable and responsible.
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Welcome To The New Premier: Iain Rankin

Dear Iain Rankin:
Congratulations. It was a long slog. Liberals who wanted to really get to know you were confined to a two-dimensional view. Now they and all Nova Scotians will want to learn more.
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There are Valuable Uses for our Underemployed Covid-19 Testing Capability

In late May, northern New Brunswick experienced an outbreak of new infections, caused by a doctor irresponsibly failing to self-isolate after returning from Quebec. The biggest concentration of new cases was in a nursing home; two of its clients became New Brunswick’s first Covid-related deaths.
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We Must Sustain Strong Population Growth

Growing our population has been a success story in recent years and is crucial to Nova Scotia’s future. COVID has put a dent in arrivals. What will be the longer-term consequences?
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Can The Government And The Teachers Union Get Along?

In 2015, the Liberal government issued an ambitious plan for improving our schools. Of particular importance were the recommendations for changes to be negotiated with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU). There have been many bends in the road since then.
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The Teachers’ Plan Deficit Needs to be Addressed

The government and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union are doing a disservice to taxpayers and today’s teachers, who are paying for the inadequacy of past contributions by and for the teachers that retired long ago.

In contrast, the public-sector pension plans for civil service and health care workers are well-funded and can be expected to keep their promises to pensioners over the long term.

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There Is No Business Case For The Football Stadium

A year ago this month, an article in this space questioned the proposal for a football stadium in Halifax. The recently released update from Schooners Sports and Entertainment (SSE) confirms some of the year-ago concerns and adds new ones. Some of today’s text is repeated from a year ago.
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Transit Choices

A study of the possibilities for commuter rail is underway. It looks expensive. That is not the only option that should be considered. Read More »