Posted May 13, 2022

Accelerated Housing And Infrastructure Is Crucial To Nova Scotia’s Future

Politicians frequently use “affordable” when describing initiatives to help people find housing. Prices have spiked in all sectors of the market, and governments want to be perceived as working to provide help.

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The Action for Health plan was released on April 22nd, four weeks later than promised. That could have made sense if the document had lots of new content and a clear statement of goals. It had little of either. Read More »

Nova Scotia’s attack on out-of-province homeowners is excessive and poorly aimed. It needs to be rethought.

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Finance Minister Allan MacMaster’s budget was delivered in the context of record outcomes in two key indicators. Read More »

On Monday Nova Scotia will conclude a journey that began two years less a day  ago, when the State of Emergency was first announced. It is a journey that we have travelled together with our families, with our friends and neighbours, with other Nova Scotians, with other Canadians, with everyone on the planet. Read More »