Newfoundland Scars

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  • IMO NS power users will end up paying a VERY high price for this project. While the project may have merits, especially from NF’s perspective (e.g., alternate access to New England power markets, owership of undersea transmission line), the case is much less compelling for NS. NS Power users will be on the hook for cost overruns, which are already being acknowledged and which on a project this size, could be substantial. All of which is driven by the NDP Gov’t’s artificial deadline to have NS Power achieve an increased percentage of “green” power. As others have pointed out, with the loss of Bowater and reduced Stora power demands, and likely loss of the New England market to US shale gas, where will NS Power sell it’s excess power and if it can’t, how will this affect NS Power users? We should demand answers to these questions, before being obligated to sign on to this deal!

    Harold | December 4, 2012 | Reply

  • Well, now that the Federal Government plans to stand behind this Newfoundland initiative, it is not hard to understand why N.S.Power would want to extend its electrical grid, to avail itself of some of that renewable energy – or is it Emera who want to ‘invest’?
    N.S. will someday need additional power, as will the Boston end, but if they won’t need it for 25 years, wouldn’t N.S.P. be better off spending perhaps less to improve its grid more elsewhere, in the meantime?
    If such a stance were to hamper Newfoundland’s plans, then, perhaps it is Emera that should be ‘investing’ not N.S.P.
    (Then again, speaking of “scars”, Maritime union …may…again…look at some of these issues with renewed ‘energy’.)

    gordon a.... | December 2, 2012 | Reply

  • Well generally I am in favor of this project simply because the down stream potentials are much larger then a 25 billion dollar ship building program by the federal government. After tje ship building contract is over there will be little come forth for the province in the highly subsidized international ship building business. The territories that are at the cross roads of many commodity resources are usually the most financially sound. A 25 year deal is wise for Nova Scotia simply because it will pass very quickly to where we may be in the position of Hydro Quebec. Converting our thermal generating plants to Natural gas over time would seem like a wise move considering the development of Shale gas in the region will help with two issues , the price of energy and capital flight via coal imports.

    paul | November 29, 2012 | Reply