Flaherty: Wait Till Next Year

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  • It would be difficult to seriously argue against most, or perhaps any,of Bill’s observations or those outlined in comments posted earlier.Generally speaking we seem to have many who can impressively set out the many and serious problems that confront us as a nation and also as a province(s) What we do not appear to have though is an abundstance of reasonable ,workable,effective and,perhaps of paramount importance, ACCEPTABLE solutions to the situation; in short , who are those who are ready to see ” their ox gored first”? Moreover,where is the government(s) that is prepared to incur the political damage that is quite likely to be a consequance of “doing the right thing”?Certainly we have a goodly supply of politicans but we are very sadly lacking in what is most needed at this juncture viz STATESMEN/WOMEN.

    bob mackenzie | February 15, 2014 | Reply

  • Well in regards to Jim flattery,s budget moves the man has the nation in the right direction. The pension bombs of the public sector are very clear but seem ignored worth the Nova Scotian Governments of all stripes. The Ivany report pointed to a jealousy of the successful risk takers of the province. I could not agree anymore considering we have some HRM residents outraged at Crombie REIT for terminating the tenancy of two restuarant s in Scotia Square . IF only people were in the Sobeys shoes and where looking at two tenants that will never expand beyond Scotia, are near retirement probably with no succession p!ans for the businesses. then Sobeys is probably fielding a Subway that will take multiple units in Crombie properties for 10 year leases . Outside of the problems i
    D ed in the Ivany report is the fact Government I. Nova Scotia is way too big and inefficient getting in the way of businesses with the picking of winners in losers in their ignore estimation.

    paul taylor | February 14, 2014 | Reply

  • Bills Blog has hit the nail on the head in many respects. I want to add a positive note to his commentary. I think many in Nova Scotia rightfully believe they have a gold mine. I’m not talking about the stuff you have taken from teh ground inteh past 200 years, I’m talking about the gold mine above ground. Agriculture, ocean fronts, hard warking people, intelligence that needs to stay in the province. The list goes on. I also beleive that government employees need to be put in their place, equal with the private sector. Recently the nurses in Alberta are on a campaign to “leave my pension alone”. As a tax payer paying those pensions I say leave my taxes alone. There is no doubt that in a short amount of time the public sector will be squeezed baclk to more normal expectations meaning, maying your own medical benefits plan, and pension plan and no more that 4 weeks vacation regardless of seniority. Steady owrk these days is nice if you can get it and it would be nice for a public employee to openly agree that the gravy train has run out of fuel.

    David Kopriva | February 14, 2014 | Reply