Testing Trudeau

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  • This next election will likely be one of those where it is not who people are for is the key , but who they are not voting for or voting against .
    Money management is the real issue in behind the talk of jobs . Families are maxed out in all kinds of ways and they do not want someone that might be a spender.

    peter s | July 10, 2015 | Reply

  • If Justin’s last name was not Trudeau, it is quite unlikely that he would be leading the Liberals at all. Inasmuch as the party has picked him it has clearly taken on the task of shaping him into an Actual leader and,based on performance thus far,a daunting one to be sure…Many strange things,can happen on the way to the polls but,whether or not he ever becomes Prime Minister,may just well depend much more on the performances of Mssrs Harper and Mulcair than on his own.

    bob mackenzie | July 10, 2015 | Reply