How Votes Are Counted Matters

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  • Yes siree, Leadership accounting counts; and, at least two conventions in particular show why (admittedly, long after the damage was done). One was that convention in 1976, when delegate ‘influence’ made their choice … only to have to redo the result eight years later. And, there was PC convention in 2006 where the ‘influencers’ politically corrected … from which they haven’t yet gotten up steam … .

    You “hope media coverage” helps to reveal a proper leadership ‘winner’ to Party members. I think to expect that of today’s faltering media ‘party’ is a stretch. Your trust must rest with those Party members, who after all, do and have, stood for something ,ever since 2002.

    Be confident that convention delegate- type ‘influence’ , may have gone the way of door-knocking. Then again, will ‘membership’
    be ‘influenced’ by new ‘players ‘… ?

    Speaking further on ‘influence’: While very popular and capable Rona Ambrose has been relegated to interim status, if O’Leary were to be chosen from amongst the field, what sort of stretch would it require, for him to offer her co-leader status? He could supply disciplined direction for our times, while she attended to the House.

    Gordon a.... | January 28, 2017 | Reply

  • Thanks Bill. Another sensible and well reasoned article. Most parties in Canada seem to be fairly hostile to outside candidates, mostly to their detriment.

    In this case, however, the party must reject the interloper for the good of the party, and the country.

    The onus is on each party member to research each of the candidates, place them in groups such as Trump lite, conservative hardliner, libertarian dreamer, moderate but dull, intelligent and electable, etc, and for the love of god, make sure that the Trump lite group, including King Kevin, are at the absolute bottom of their voting list.

    Here’s hoping Canadians are smart enough not to fall for the snake oil salespeople!

    Todd Bechard | January 28, 2017 | Reply

  • Whether it is well realized or not, the Conservative Party is at a very delicate point in deciding its future , indeed whether or not it actually has a future . The ‘Leadership’ process was a joke even before the arrival of the most recent entrant and now it is a ‘sick’ joke…If some ‘adult supervision’ does not present itself almost immediately we may well be witnessing the effective end of a ‘once’ great governing party and, in that event, we will all be the poorer for it..

    Bob MacKenzie | January 28, 2017 | Reply