Stadium Studies – Phase 2

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  • Something tells me that he knows council will turn down further monies for the Stadium proposal. By the way Mr. Black here is a more realistic costing on a FIFA Approved stadium in North America.
    The 200 million dollar figure does include a youth soccer academy and some other things having to do with MLS infrastructure but my estimate of double the estimate of 60 million dollars is totally feasible .
    The Livestrong Sporting Park was built to host FIFA Concacaf games and it includes roof over all spectators . Renderings by the HRM Stadium committee don’t have roofs over the spectator sections.
    Highly unlikely FIFA would back down from something they made Chile do to host the 2008 U20 Women’s.

    Paul Taylor | December 5, 2011 | Reply

  • Enjoyed your speaking on TV last night on the HRM Stadium proposal. A problem that we have with this proposal with the cost estimate is probably grossly out of touch with the reality of hosting FIFA. The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament was held in Germany and costs for mere renovations of single stadiums exceeded the 60 million dollar estimate of our people here. The 2008 U-20 FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in Chile and three of the four stadiums presented by that government had to be completely rebuilt from scratch with roofs over 100 percent of the spectator seating areas. The four required stadiums had 70 percent roof coverage of the spectator areas. FIFA demanded and got complete roof coverage of all spectators even for that fourth stadium. Committees in the HRM believing that they can get away with a cheap bill for a FIFA Stadium or Commonwealth Games are dead wrong. FIFA does not allow bench seating, they don’t allow individual seats without seat backs, and the only exceptions to the 100 percent roof cover of spectators that I know of is for games in Africa and America. America had those exceptions in 1994, for the men’s tournament, but it would not be the case in the 2000’s. I think a stadium for a FIFA group playoff in Halifax would be in the 120 million dollar range minimum if we were lucky . The Canadian Federal Government has clearly stated that 15 million dollars is the extent of financial support they will pitch in . That amount stated by former sports minister, Gary Lunn, forbid the money being used for new stadiums or renovations of stadiums. I think the HRM Stadium quest for FIFA 2015 will be defeated in council. The recent turning down of Molson’s Coors for sponsorship of the skating oval does not bode well for FIFA coming to the HRM. Budweiser is a major sponsor of FIFA and FIFA is in a political battle with the Brazilian Government over the selling of beer at Brazilian Stadiums for the 2014 WC. Many states and cities in Brazil don’t allow liquor sales in sports venues. Thanks

    Paul Taylor | December 2, 2011 | Reply

  • I have not seen a business case for this stadium that makes any sense. The Council and the stadium supporters seem to be operating on the idea of “if we build it they will come”. Interesting dream but with no foundation in reality. It is time to slow down and look at all the facts and figures coupled with realistic building and operational costs. To date that hasn’t happened and I am caused to think it is because the folks behind this know what the realities are and don’t want the the tax payers to know because then we would close down this albatross.

    Lewis MacKay | November 30, 2011 | Reply

  • With respect to government administration costs and infrastructure facilities,let’s try to remember that the population of the maritime provinces is less than 2 million ( certainly less than many cities which only have one stadium,or one convention centre).

    allan rodger | November 30, 2011 | Reply

  • The HRM has yet to show the public all the numbers that would show not only the cost of stadium and who is paying but more importantly who will be renting the stadium and what will they be paying. The Province has subsidized St.Mary’s , Dalhousie and Acadia buildings and sports facilities as well as many “fields’ around HRM on a one by one piece meal way of spending money. If a 10,000 or 20,000 seat stadium can pay for itself, then why hasn’t some one been able to show us that ?? You know why ? they are afraid to tell you where the best deal for the land is and where the least cost of access roads will be . They also haven’t got two clues who will rent this place anyway .

    Caper | November 30, 2011 | Reply

  • I’m “all for” having a stadium in Halifax, but I don’t like where this project is going at all! I think if we are going to consider a stadium of any size, we have to do this right, not with a gun to our head such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup. We should be looking at longer term sustainability, maybe a CFL franchise (if our poulation would support it), local sporting events, outdoor summer concerts etc…etc…

    With all due respect, a few women’s soccer games (not including Canada and US) for $2,000.000.00, who really cares? It doesn’t matter if the stadium will host 10,000 or 50,000 spectators, the seats will be virtually empty anyway. I agree, we wouldn’t benefit much from tourism, I think we would hard pressed to find anyone in the stands from as far away as Truro.

    There is way too much money at stake here; are we really going to trust our dysfunctional city Council with $60,000,000 municipal dollars. Do we even have that kind of dough lying around? Plus, you can easily and conservatively double that number when all is said and done (look at the new highway into Bayers Lake as an example).

    Again, I would personally love to see a stadium here in Halifax, I think it could breathe some much needed life into the Region and put us on the map for many events, most of which we probably haven’t even considered yet. But we can’t proceed like this and rush the process for this event!

    Sean Haire | November 29, 2011 | Reply

  • The reality is that Halifax lost its best opportunity to gain the type of infrastructure that most other provinces have when the Commonwealth Games bid collapsed for a lack of politcial leadership. Most of this type of infrastructure is generally linked to a significant international event and I certainly would not categorize the FIFA opportunity as such an event.

    The real opportunity for a stadium likely needs to be tied to a CFL franchise, with private sector investment leading the way. Our company has conducted market research regarding the potential local support of a CFL team in Halifax and the results indicate that such support exists at the current ticket pricing levels for CFL football.

    It seems highly unlikely that there will be tri-level government support for the current proposal in the current economic environment. What we really need is the private sector to identify an economic reason to build a stadium of appropriate size to host a professional sports team.

    I really don’t understand why all the work related to the building of a stadium for the failed Commonweath Games, with its Class A estimates of costs, were not used in the current exercise.

    Don Mills | November 29, 2011 | Reply