The Tax Changes for Small Businesses Won’t Amount To Much

The fussing over Finance Minister Morneau’s personal financial disclosures has distracted attention from the rather more important issue of the changes to proposals for taxing small business.

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Conflict of Interest

Suppose that in 2014 you were interested in building a new house, one more environmentally friendly than your current dwelling which, in any event, will be wearing out by the early 2020s.

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Another Bad Day for Electricity Customers in Nova Scotia

The energy from Muskrat Falls is not going to be available until at least 2020. But the transmission lines are all built at a cost exceeding $1.5 billion. You are going to pay the interest on that debt while we wait.

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The Essential Question Is Whether We Want Our Rural Communities To Survive and Prosper

The article of January 20th in support of resource industries prompted many supportive emails. It also received a decidedly frosty response from a tight-knit posse of activists, some of whose viewpoints were printed in the January 27th opinion section.

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Fan Mail

Readers again provided many comments on this year’s articles. Not all of them were positive.

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Finding Primary Care

The difficulty in accessing primary care has dominated news and opinion pages for the last several months.

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Immigration Controls Fail When People Can Walk Across the Border

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Why is the Nova Scotia Teachers Union Threatening an Illegal Job Action?

The governments we elect are accountable to voters for the quality and timeliness of services that are provided with their tax dollars. They must make choices about how to organize large complex operations, particularly in education and health care.

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union is, first and foremost, a union. Its role is to advocate for favourable pay, benefits, and working conditions for its members.

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CPP Changes: Don’t Pop The Champagne

The proposed changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) were agreed to on June 20th by the federal government and all the provinces except Manitoba and Quebec. They are mildly useful, and will have some unexpected consequences.
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Building Boom

More than two years ago, one of Halifax’s prominent developers was asked whether he was worried about there being too much product on the drawing board, or already underway.

His response was, “Either we are all right or we are all crazy.”
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Transit Choices

A study of the possibilities for commuter rail is underway. It looks expensive. That is not the only option that should be considered. Read More »